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“Into the Dark” is a first hand account of what happens to us when we die. Allison DuBois walks her readers through death as described by ‘those who live again’. Although death may seem like a dark, quiet, empty place to be, once you …

   go into the dark you will find out that death has a lot of color, and a pulse! Through her ability to communicate directly with the dead, Allison DuBois relays the wants, desires and experiences of the deceased. The dead have their own world, but it is important to them to also remain a part of ours.

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4 reviews for Allison DuBois

  1. Gina

    Someone needs to remove the double review and the jealous fan review. Reviews are a joke.

  2. Kata

    I had a reading with Mrs Dubois and was very disapponted. Not only she did not pick up things rigth about my loved one that passed away, but after l checked the facts with other members of my family and wrote to her the non correct information she gave me, she did not even reply to me, l got a reply from her secretary sayyng that she was busy.. l spent 500 usd for this reading and nothing happened that she predicted ( it took place 6 years ago, and had problems worth to talk about .. nothing she said was true or accurate), also the quality of the tape of the reading she sent me afterward was of very low quality… very disappointing as l was looking very highly in regards to this woman. At least when you pay 500usd you expect a better service in technology… l had many reading before with humbler medium, and if the reading was not correct they gave me the money back. I did not even have to ask, they would offer to… and also them at least one thing out of three they guessed right, or at least they would present very specific infos about my loved one that passed away…. very disappointed ;(

  3. Dagmar

    Wow, how deeply touched and moved, by such a gifted woman. So grateful you chose this as your path to help heal others. You are truly blessed, thank you again. Would love a reading with , I hope that comes true. Hugs a real admirer of your work dedication and love that you give to others. Truly inspiring thank you for being you.

  4. Susan

    I wouldn’t get a reading after seeing how ugly she behaved towards others on a past housewives episode. Why I watch that reality junk is another story. Shame on me.

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