Is Being an Empath Hard? (Q and A)

Is being an empath difficult? Do spiritually (or emotionally) sensitive people have harder lives than the rest of us? What unique challenges will I face as an empath, healer, or unusually intuitive person? There are many unique challenges that empaths face, that most folks don’t. For one, you’re going to “feel” the world in a […]


Loving Kindness Meditation for Empaths, Healers, Spiritual Seekers (and anyone who needs a little bit of love)

(artwork credit – Katie Vaz) Download the Free Ebook, Here – > ï»¿in-l-ve-with-the-world (2).pdf 3.93 MB If you struggle to find time to mediate – or simply hate meditating (something that many in our community have confessed over the last few weeks 🙂  here are a few very simple real world exercises that will transform the way you […]


What Are Mediums, Anyway? Oprah Magazine Opines

  There’s more to mediums than candles and crystal balls. What is a medium?  What is a mental medium, and distinct from a physical medium?  And are mediums REALLY talking to the dead…..or is there something sinister, or scammy going on? The interest in mediumship has never been higher.  With a pandemic causing oceans of […]


3 Reasons I Love Being a Light Worker

There is something very special about being a light worker.  Something unexpected that you don’t anticipate when you start on this path. When you truly step into your purpose as a spiritual seeker who is here to end suffering for other beings, you find yourself able to shake off and rise above many (if not […]


What is an Empath (New Q and A Discussion Series for Spiritually Sensitive People)

Empaths protect ourselves in a few key ways.  1 is through learning to differentiate between “other” energy, and OUR energy.  In other words, we learn to create a bright boundary between what we feel in others, versus what we feel without ourselves.  We also learn to work with energy to ensure that we can transform it into patterns of thought and expression we can work with, mold and shape to the benefit of all.  

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