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How to Remember a Past Life

Here is an interesting little excerpt from the “idiots guide to past life” recall……that actually has a few ideas in it worth checking out.  (and it’s not often I find myself being a fan of the “idiots” guide to anything, especially as it pertains to psychic or extraordinary experiences) But – that said, one of […]

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Psychic Dreams – What Do They Mean?

Do psychic dreams mean that you are actually psychic?  Are precognitive dreams common…..or do they happen only once in a long while?  What purpose do they serve?  Are they positive and uplifting, or are they more likely to be dire….and a warning of things to come?  (and avoid?) The truth is, psychic dreams come in […]

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Communicating with the Dead

Q:  What is the easiest way to communicate with a dead relative?  Are spirit communication techniques dangerous?  If yes….which ones are, which ones aren’t, and what should I AVOID doing if I want to give it a go? A:  In my own experience, the only thing that is TRULY dangerous about spirit communication is reading […]

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Psychic Source Review

Looking for good reasons to get a Psychic Source reading this summer? Here are a few! 1 – They have over 125 active psychics, healers, empaths, spiritual mediums and clairvoyants available by phone or chat 2 – They have some of the BEST priced readings in the online universe….with first run or trial/test readings as […]

past life memories

Signs You’ve Lived Before

Who else wants to get proof you’ve lived before?  Do you have a strong sense or feeling that this is NOT the first life you’ve lived?  The truth is, while there IS a lot of “new age nonsense” and spiritual silliness surrounding the idea of past lives and reincarnation, there is plenty of sound science […]

theresa caputo, long island medium

Theresa Caputo on Dr. Oz (brain scan test)

Here is a very interesting series on Dr. Oz’s team studying the brain scans of Theresa Caputo during a conversation with spirit. These sorts of tests are much more common than many people in the psychic/spirit and new age community are aware….and have been  used in the past to show changes in brain activity in […]

Psychic Blog

Tips for finding a Medium

One of the biggest reasons many people find a medium reading NOT to their level of expectation is actually pretty simple to spot. They don’t actually seek out psychic mediums, instead….they seek out readings with psychics who are NOT mediums.  (and simply assume that all psychics are simultaneously, mediums as well) This is, as most […]

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