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The Crossover Experience: Life After Death / A New Perspective

A fascinating read at the intersection of personal grief and loss – infused with both the spirit of science – and and the spirit of searching for answers to life’s greatest questions.  Well worth reading for the science -and the stories alike.  More on the 3 prestigious authors, below.

DJ Kadagian is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, author, and quantum economist. His films have aired on PBS, Gaia TV, the Discovery Channel, and Hallmark, as well as being featured at over 120 film festivals around the world. In his works, he has collaborated with some of the country’s top philosophers, academics, activists, poets, researchers and theologians. His thought-provoking works have focused on socioeconomic issues, race relations, religion & spirituality, and alternative healing. DJ is also a hedge fund manager whose focus is within the discipline of technical analysis and quantum economics. He is a graduate of Cornell University and is a member of The Directors Guild of America.

Dr. Pim van Lommel is a world-renowned cardiologist and medical expert on near-death experiences. He has published the most comprehensive prospective study on NDEs in the distinguished British medical journal The Lancet and is the author of Consciousness Beyond Life. Over the past several years, van Lommel has been lecturing all over the world on near-death experiences and the relationship between consciousness and brain function. In 2006, the president of India awarded him the lifetime achievement award at the World Congress on Clinical and Preventive Cardiology in New Delhi.

Gregory Shushan, Ph.D., is the leading authority on near-death experiences and the afterlife across cultures and throughout history. He is the author of the highly acclaimed Conceptions of the Afterlife in Civilizations: Universalism, Constructivism, and Near-Death Experience in Indigenous Religions. He is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Religious Experience Research Centre, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, and was previously Perrott-Warrick Researcher at University of Oxford’s Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion.

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A crash course in loving kindness for empaths, healers, and spiritual seekers. Short essays (and exercises) for healers committed to a life of spiritual service, personal growth and changing the world through enlightened action. Join us!

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