Get a true life purpose coaching session that isn’t full of fluff

Learn how to apply the simple laws of karma, dharma and kriya to create a life of abundance, joy, mindfulness, magic and authenticity (aligned with your own natural gifts) Learn more about my work (on Amazon) and a new Summer course cohort for empaths, healers and light workers looking to level up our lives in 2022, and beyond.


Each month I’ll pick one person at random for an email coaching session

If you’re struggling to find your place, or to cultivate a deep sense of passion and purpose in your life, this coaching session will help you immediately infuse magic and meaning into your daily life.


Get Access to cutting edge courses with world class teachers

If you’ve ever wanted to increase your natural psychic and spiritual awareness (whether that’s communicating with spirit, learning how to travel out of your body, refining your intuition, or having profound and powerful spiritual experiences on a regular basis) I’m excited to be leading several course cohorts in the summer of 2022 for spiritual seekers, and the curious but not yet convinced alike.


Career workshops for light workers, healers and spiritually gifted seekers

There has never been a better time to put your gifts to work in the world. If you’re serious about turning your passion for spiritual growth, healing, and societal transformation in the service of helping others, I’d love to help guide you forward.


Join Us!

This is a very special time to be alive. There is much conflict in the world, and much uncertainty. But there is also endless opportunities to wake up, show up and enlighten up your life through spiritual service. If you feel called to step up and serve, I’m excited to be teaching, leading and guiding a new generation of empaths, healers and light workers to make a meaningful difference in the world.