LA works as a full time intuitive soul coach and psychic. Her connection to the spirit world and the other side has been a part of her as long as she can remember. As a child she ‘saw’ things and was always told she was just ‘overly sensitive’. Well, turns out that was exactly right! Through her training and studies LA has learned to embrace and love her ‘sensitivity’, and now harnesses that gift and others to bring insight and hope to those who seek answers to life’s many wonderings, upsets, and experiences.

Born and raised in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma LA is a mid-west girl, whose seen first hand the plethora of differences amongst people. She has also witnessed amazing and unifying connections that defy cultural boundaries, and make it apparent, that in many ways, it’s a small world after all.

As a Psychic and Intuitive Soul Connector LA’s commitment is to having one foot in the physical world and one foot in the spiritual realm. She lives each day to understand the balance of the two and to bring a message to those who seek answers. This message melds the never-ending possibility of the spirit world with the day to day journey of this human form.

Growing up in a religious background and spending too many years feeling she had to hide her abilities, she is now determined to live open and free! LA values a deep connection and directive through an uninhibited experience with the divine. She invites everyone to this same life of freedom, but never sets out to convince anyone of anything.

She believes that your life is your own and your choices are yours to make. LA reminds those she works with that no one can make you believe anything, be anything, or choose anything that doesn’t resonate with you. Her truth is that in the end, it’s “I love me and I can move on with this soul.”


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