Messages from Spirit are everywhere… the only question is, are we listening? My name is Vicki Wagoner, and I have been gifted with the ability to receive messages from Spirit, Angels, Guides and loved ones… even animal friends who have crossed over.

The messages you’ll hear touch every aspect of life… and beyond. What are you looking for? Lifestyle guidance, relationship questions, everyday opportunities, and more. There’s confirmation on many levels, assisting you in gaining clarity, understanding and trust in yourself, others around you, and the daily events of life and living. You’ll see and understand your journey from a supportive, spiritual perspective.

We certainly can’t change the past, yet we can change our perception of past events and people who have influenced our life story up to now. Your messages will offer understanding from your own Higher Self, as well as loved ones on the other side. Love, understanding, forgiveness and acceptance of ourselves and others is an integral part of our life’s experience… all part of the lessons we are here to learn and grow from.

I believe my clients are giving themselves a gift during our time together. Many tell me of experiencing a renewed perception of wisdom, compassion and understanding. Together, we create new possibilities, choices, options, and a new or improved focus on personal growth and expanded awareness.

With the insight and wisdom that comes through from loved ones who have crossed over, you will see the possibility for transformation in your life; creating wholeness, increased happiness, and an improved sense of self-empowerment in every area of your life.

I have been intuitive for as long as I can remember, and professionally assisting others since 2001. I look forward to speaking with you and assisting you on your journey.


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