I believe in healing because I use it in my life everyday! Through ThetaHealing® I have had amazing things happen and they include burns on my face disappearing, healing fibromyalgia, a 40 pound weight release, meeting my highest and best soulmate, healing hormonal imbalances and being able to become pregnant…plus all of the amazing miracles that I am experiencing every day!

I have a healing business where I teach ThetaHealing® classes internationally.

I do private one on one sessions with adults, children, and animals. I also do remote clearings on spaces and businesses. I am very intuitive and I use my gifts to help you in your life.

My main focus is helping you to release blocks so that you can move forward. I help people with their abundance, love life, health, business, family issues, and beloved pets. I want to help you realize that your life can be filled with joy and unconditional love. You are the co-creator of your life…are you ready to own your power? You deserve to create heaven on earth in your life!

I also offer phone readings and Skype readings. My work is all about doing readings for you that will help you to heal your life.


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