The Psychic Twins are amongst the biggest names in the spiritual and new age space.

Unique, eclectic, interesting and out of the ordinary are some of the various ways they have been described in both print and through their many high profile media appearances.

What makes Terry and Linda Jamison so unique?

For one……well, the obvious:  They are TWINS..:-)

And, with classical movie star looks, it’s no surprise they stand out in a crowd, even in the hyper competitive and unique spiritual circle in which they travel.

BUT – most notable to us, is the power of some of their public predictions, which are hard to disregard, even for many of the most cynical skeptics, and debunkers who make a living picking apart the predictions and precognitive proclamations made by many high profile psychics, mediums and “fortune tellers”.

The Psychic Twins most famous “hit” was predicting the World Trade Center 9/11 terrorist attack in very specific terms, on the Art Bell radio show two years before it happened, in November of 1999.

They have also uncannily, and accurately predicted many other devastating events – from natural disasters (including the recent 2013 Twisters/Tornados) to criminal activity, to the stock and housing marketing collapse of 2008, up to and including the Boston Marathon terror attacks as well.

Have all of the psychic twins predictions come true?

Absolutely not.  But, as with many high profile people brave enough to put their precognitive visions down on pen, paper and pixel BEFORE hand….so many of what they have seen HAS come true, that anyone who is truly curious about clairvoyance, or psychic ability, or fate, karma and the way the world works must be at least intrigued at some of the amazing accuracy of their very public predictions.

The Psychic Twins have been on far more radio, TV and movie screens than we could comfortably recount here…..along with numerous appearances on the Tyra Banks show that rank as her most popular, and multiple documentaries having been made about their life story, and spiritual journey.

Terry and Linda Jamison do not take private readings from the public as of this writing…..but they do have special events, and an active community of fans and followers who particpate in their programs, all of which can be accessed directly on their webpage right here.

If you’ve had a reading with Terry or Linda Jamison and want to review your experience with the Psychic Twins, please feel free to share your experience in the community comments below!



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  1. By Krisy - September 16, 2014

    I have been following Terry & Linda’s work since 2011 and I am continuously astounded by the amount of accurate predictions they make each year! They operate with great professionalism, integrity, and dignity. I see that they take their work very seriously. They understand their gifts to be sacred, and they honor them as such. I have greatly benefited from their book Psychic Intelligence. The journal exercises in the book have helped me explore my own spiritual gifts and to build confidence in trusting myself and those gifts. I recently had a reading with them, and it was amazing! I was left feeling a great sense of clarity and sudden understanding of the experiences I’ve had and what they meant. They told me a lot of things and made a lot of predictions for me, but mostly, they help to put pieces of the puzzle together for me. It was just those little things I needed to finally see the whole picture, so I could move ahead on my journey. I look forward to my next reading with them. I will be going back to them! The twins are true, honest, genuine souls and I respect them and their work very much!

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