Tested, and verified, Suzanne Grace has come from a long line of psychic mediums. As a young girl she discovered her gifts when at 4 years old, she began communicating with spirits. She is a world-renowned psychic medium, life coach and healer with years of experience working in the paranormal; having mentored with James van Praagh, Charles Virtue, Rebecca Rosen and Lisa Williams, Suzanne has spent years honing her gifts.

Whether you have the desire to connect with those on the other side, or seek to find a way to make your relationships better, Suzanne Grace can assist you. If you find yourself wondering whether or not your home has activity, Suzanne will help you figure it out and send them to the other side. Being highly empathic, Suzanne tends to feel the client’s needs prior to beginning the reading.

Need healing? Suzanne is a certified Angel Healer, Theta Healer and works with Reiki and Reconnective Healing modalities. Working with you at your next party, event or a one-on-one or via email or phone, Suzanne Grace, psychic medium, guarantees you will leave feeling healthier, refreshed and ready to face whatever life may bring you!

I have been an experienced psychic medium my entire life but have worked publicly and professionally for over 15 years. I love what I do and it is such a joy to bring love and hope into peoples’ lives again! I love to do healing work, give back and ensure that others can feel the joy and happiness in the world as I do.

I am an experienced life coach as well as experienced with working in the paranormal. I am a theta healer, reconnective healer, Reiki healer, and have mentored with the very well known. I work on radio shows, have been written about in multiple books, as well as television appearances. I spend my time giving back – paying it forward – as this is why I was put on this earth!


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