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Susanne Wilson The Carefree Medium
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Susanne Wilson is an evidence-based medium and spiritual teacher.

Her books, live events, podcasts and social media have inspired hundreds of thousands of people to pursue spiritual exploration with an open heart, and curious mind.

Susanne’s mission is to teach people how to make their own connections with guides and loved ones in spirit. She has participated in controlled scientific research with Dr. Gary Schwartz who states, “Susanne has been one of the best. Her skills as an evidential medium are complimented by her high integrity, credibility, and moral principles.”

Susanne’s work has also been acclaimed by researchers Victor Zammit and Roberta Grimes. Susanne currently serves as a Board member for the Afterlife Research & Education Institute as well as its Director of Mediumship Research and Education. In addition, Susanne serves on the Board of Advisors for the SoulPhone Foundation at the University of Arizona.

Her books have been a source of wisdom and inspiration to many of our readers, and she remains one of the most popular “requested” teachers, mediums & authors in the world of spiritual growth

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