Radio and Television Personality, Solana is a Psychic Energy Medium, she can see the energy system within us all, the Chakra System. Within the energy she can see the issues and events that have blocked us from moving forward on the Divine Path we have been on.

Relationship concerns and issues can be resolved with the information received. Passed over loved ones and Spirit Guides can also make themselves known during an experience with Solana.
Solana is a gifted psychic medium paranormal investigator. Specializing in reading auras and identify low energies within yourself and around you . When the spirit world has disrupted the lives and homes of families, Solana assists in taking back their lives.
A respected teacher of the Certified Courses in Psychic Abilities Development and How to See and Read Auras, with Higher Source International LLC, Demonologist with The Demon Warriors Paranormal Investigation Team and Hemp activist. Solana seeks truth and operates with integrity, to bring solutions in restoring peace and balance in the world.


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  1. By MediumKarenLee - August 22, 2014

    This lady knows her business when it comes to psychic energies and chakras. Taken her course, done her meditation and today I am a better person, psychic and medium because of her.

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