A long time ago, I learned that I needed to be true to myself in order to be true to those around me.  So, a process that I engage in regularly is to ask myself questions like, “What makes my Soul soar?” and “How can I best use my talents and gifts to help others?”

As I listen to my Soul, I learn the answers to those questions, then I integrate them into my life.  This process has proven to be highly effective in helping me remain true to myself and better able to assist others.

Ok, the pudding looks and sounds great! Has anyone tried one of these yummy recipes? What is your favorite? ... See MoreSee Less

These 4 avocado desserts are indulgent but have healthy fats 😋 🥑! FULL RECIPES: bzfd.it/2sHwUeX

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In the past 6 months, much has changed in my world, I bet for some of you as well! My office has moved to our newly remodeled building with a new business name along with a great relaxing service added to the menu..... SweetWater Wellness - Therapeutic Float and Holistic Center. I invite you to find our new Facebook page and when you're in town stop by at 628 Main Street in Lander. Open: Weds. - Sat. 9 am - 7 pm. and Sun. 11 am - 6:30 pm. www.SweetWaterWellness.net will soon have all my information and booking available for intuitive and coaching sessions. Hugs filled with much love! ... See MoreSee Less

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Who will you connect with today? ... See MoreSee Less

Could the Root Cause of Addiction actually be a lack of Connection? For more information, read the article here: upliftconnect.com/opposite-addiction-connection/

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Thanks to Jagoe Warren I discovered this beautiful video. Let's make this a reality in a small or LARGE way in our lives. ... See MoreSee Less

We're on a mission to get Canadians to #EatTogether. Because so much good happens when we do. Learn More at pc.ca/EatTogether #Canada150 🇨🇦

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Intuitive Soul-utions with Sandy Bath updated their cover photo. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hoping your heart is open to all the new adventures this life has to offer! ... See MoreSee Less

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