Roland Comtois is one of the leading psychic mediums and spiritual teachers in the world today, and yet….remains somewhat lesser known than some of his more mainstream peers.

With a rapidly growing international audience, Roland has probably become most well known for his evidential messages called “Purple Papers”, which are transcribed messages from spirit, often written down years in advance of finding their “home” with a friend, family member or loved one for whom they are meant to be delivered.

Roland carries these “Purple Papers” with him….and for those who believe, and for those who have had the opportunity to have one of these hand written messages personally delivered, they provide more empirical evidence for life after death, and for the continuation of consciousness….and the LOVE that lives on, than any book, TV show or other “proof” could possibly provide.

Note from Admin:

Several of our friends and members recently participated in a Roland Comtois event in South Florida, and were incredibly impressed and inspired by the readings…and the manner in which they were delivered. Several mental health professionals and life long skeptics were amongst our group…and all came out of the experience feeling like we had ALL witnessed something spectacular, regardless of what we believed going in.

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