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Happy Eclipse! We began this week today with the Total Solar Eclipse and a New Moon. The energy this week, and for the next couple of weeks, is driving and supporting new beginnings, fresh starts, ‘hitting the reset button’, and even new awakenings - yowza!

Whether you go outside, watch the eclipse online, or skip the viewing completely, the energy still affects all of us. You may be feeling tired and sluggish, or antsy and anxious. Or you might even have sudden insights, 'aha's' and clarity into situations.

If you've had an intuitive sense over the past couple of weeks that something in your life is about to change but you're not sure exactly what – or you’re still waiting for something to happen - then you, like many, are on the verge of a big breakthrough and transformation. Changes are beginning and new opportunities are opening up, especially internal shifts which lead to external shifts.

The Eclipse today offers us a huge opportunity to let go of the fears that have been holding us back and begin stepping into our authentic selves and our purposes.This is a super time to set your intentions for the future, as the eclipse sets into motion long-lasting changes.

Also practice self-care today, and this week. Be gentle with yourself (and others), rest when you can, meditate, journal or write or do something creative, and honor your feelings, moods and energy. After the recent darkness and confusion, there is much light ahead.

Wishing you an enlightening Solar Eclipse & New Moon! Sending you Divine love and blessings today and every day.

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Feeling Confused? August is an intense month, for many reasons, and this could be the most powerful week energetically in the entire month. And today we are exactly midway between the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse we experienced August 7th and the New Moon Solar Eclipse August 21st.

So many things are coming up to the surface to be healed – on a personal level, in communities and countries, and on a global scale.

Individually, we may be question everything about our lives – our journeys, our paths, our purposes – all of the who’s, why’s and what’s (Who am I really? Why am I here? What am I doing with this life?).

Collectively, we are being exposed to the light and the dark. Choices, decisions, beliefs - how the past has gotten us here, where we are now, and how we want the future to be.

This is a time of great awakening. Both individually and collectively.

We are also in Mercury Retrograde - in total, there are six planets in retrograde - this is a time of slowing down and doing anything with an "re" - reflecting, reviewing, reevaluating, reorganizing, and most importantly releasing: the past, hurt feelings, unforgiveness towards ourselves and others, old beliefs, and clutter in our minds, hearts and around us.

Mercury in Retrograde is also giving us the opportunity to be conscious communicators. To clarify our message. To be more aware of what we are sharing, speaking, writing and communicating. To pause before we send the text or email or leave the voicemail. And to be very conscious of what we are posting on social media, and the energy, emotions and intention behind it - and of what words, images, and energy we are sending to the world.

Give yourself space this week. To feel. To reflect. To meditate. To journal. To daydream. To sleep (and dream). To walk in nature or sit in a park or garden. To unplug from social media, and the news, and anything that does not nurture you, support you and/or foster peace and calm. Give yourself permission to be.

Sending you angels of love, support, and encouragement this week, and every week.
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Accurate and authentic. Robyn is a gifted channel, psychic, and medium. Her readings and Inspired Guidance deliver clear messages from spirit, life-changing answers, clear direction and loving support.

“My session with Robyn Hessinger was beyond amazing! She has a real gift! I highly recommend her!”

“Her messages were completely accurate.”

“The changes that have happened in my life since my reading have been astounding!”

Robyn is honored to connect with you and your spirit guides, angels, departed loved ones, and Divine wisdom.

Robyn is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Coach, Energetic Healer, Animal Communicator, Metaphysical Mentor, Reiki Master Teacher, and Angel Therapy Practitioner®.

Are you ready for Clarity now?
Robyn may be booked by going to or by calling or texting 1-408-915-5076


Robyn provides psychic insight, guidance and healing on:
• life purpose and direction
• career and job changes
• love and relationships
• health and wellness
• family issues
• business and corporate strategies
• mind/body/spirit/soul healing
• pets/animal communication
• connection with departed loved ones

Robyn is here to help you live your most peaceful, joyous and abundant life, by providing Clarity and facilitating Connection, Healing and Transformation.

She has witnessed the most wonderful transformations in clients’ personal and professional lives, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual worlds, love for themselves and others, and in the splendor they manifest in their lives.
Additional Information:
Robyn is a Psychic, a Medium (messenger for those in the spirit world), Mentor, Teacher, Angel Communicator, Animal Communicator, Coach and Healer (energetic, spiritual, emotional and physical).

She is also an Author, Speaker, and the Founder and CEO of Inspired Guidance® and GetLit! Academy (for Lightworkers in Training).

After nearly twenty years in the corporate world, most recently as editor-in-chief of a large Internet company, Robyn stepped out of the spiritual closet to be of service to others.


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