Michael Gourley is a well known International Psychic Medium and Spiritual counselor. He has made guest appearances on the hit show Dead Files from the travel channel, on many radio stations, online programs and he is also known for his live Medium seminars, (Visitation Hours with the Other Side).

Chip from Mind Cemetery said “Michael Gourley is one of the premier psychic/medium in the world today and is a breath of fresh air. Michael opens the door for the next generation of Mediums to come forward and let there talents be known and used for the benefit of all mankind”

Michael uses his Medium abilities to communicate with his client’s spirit guides and their loved ones who are in spirit, to help them find closure and give them the tools to start the healing process.

Michael helps his clients to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses. He helps them find the power to make significant changes and important decisions by revealing to them, what is revealed to him. Michael’s readings, prepare his clients for what is ahead, so they can have a better understanding and a better approach to their situation and/or concerns.

If you are ready to embrace the truth of your situation, then allow him to tap into your life and give you the guidance you seek. Michael offers the truth with love and compassion. He’s not here to encourage fantasy, unrealistic ideas or guidance, rather to give you a realistic approach to whatever your concerns are, rather it’s love, family, career, or health. Michael takes pride in his accuracy and in his relationships with each one of his clients.

Michael’s office is right outside Chicago, IL. That’s where his in-person psychic and medium readings are available. His phone and Skype readings are available to everyone around the world. Michael’s psychic and medium phone readings are just as accurate as his in-person readings,

For more information about Michael, his readings and future dates for his Live Medium seminars, please visit Psychic Medium Michael website.


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