Greetings. My name is Karina, and I am a psychic practitioner that had been tested and certified by the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums. I am also a remote viewer, psychic ,crystal healer and can read Tarot.

My personal message to you is also a philosophy I strongly believe in and live by. It is a message I try to instill in everyone I have the pleasure of meeting:

Each one of us has been placed here to help one another.

I am a strong believer in helping others who are in need, and I stand up for those beliefs. I teach others to stand up for their beliefs also, and to trust their intuition, always.
Many individuals are hesitant to receive a psychic reading due to not knowing what the benefits may be. It is my belief that a genuine psychic reading can help us to see what has shaped us into the individuals we are today. I do this with an understanding that we all have survived various personal ordeals and must be strong to cope. However, even the strongest amongst us have an occasional breakdown. This is perfectly normal, and I am not here to pass judgment. God does not pass judgment on these individuals either, and He does not punish them for expressing themselves.

I see people as more than just an Earthly body. I view them as souls that are simply having an Earthly experience. During my readings, I connect with individuals on this deeper level through what I call ‘soulful readings’.

I am also a firm believer in loving others. By spreading love, we can therefore increase our capacity to love and become more successful in all areas of life. Learn to express gratitude openly by appreciating the people in your life and the beauty that surrounds you within nature. Nurture your being on all levels- mind, body and spirit- by accepting and loving yourself completely and without reserve. By learning to first love yourself, you can then learn to love others with a deeper passion and understanding.

Live fearlessly, for this drives away negativity. By appreciating everything that enters your life, both good and bad, you can have a better understanding of your current situation and the events that have led up to this point.

Karina takes her work very seriously. In her psychic readings, Karina is not here to simply tell you what you already know, but to help you discover answers to the unknown! Your conversations will always stay private. Here is how the psychic readings are done: When you come to her for your reading, she will give you clarity and honest answers to your questions. She will tell you how things are without any “sugar-coating”. Karina’s secret to her success is that she cares deeply about her clients. Karina understands and feels her clients pain, sorrow, or any other emotions.

She uses Steampunk Tarot Deck, and Her Intuition to read for you. Whatever situation you are facing – regardless of the pain, happiness or sorrow she will be there to comfort you. Crystal Healing Channeling Sessions During channeled session, you simply define your physical or emotional condition or pain and Karina will work to facilitate instant pain relief and healing in a fast and efficient manner.

Awards received by the American Federation of Psychics and Mediums  (NOTE from Admin – this organization is not known to, nor  affiliated or endorsed by our community – and we are unaware how they rank/rate or review their members- as always, please visit all outside entities directly to learn more)

Best Psychic in the World #15.
Best Psychic in the USA # 12.
Best Mediums in the World # 12.
Best Mediums in the USA # 10.
Best Astrologist and Numerologist # 66.
Best Numerologist and Numerologist in the USA # 38.
Best Healers in the World # 39.
Best Healers in the USA # 14.
Best Tarot Readers in the World # 7.
Best Tarot Readers in the USA # 3.


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