We are all here to teach each other different aspects of love. I have come to find that mom love is the most fulfilling type of love there is.
Welcome to the world Carson Lee Boebel. I love you more than words could ever describe. 💙 Carson was Born on 7/11 @9:21am 9 pounds/ 12oz . We are both doing great. Thank you for all the prayers, well wishes, and love. I appreciate it so much.
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I can’t sleep, so I figured nows the best time to provide an update.
I’ve been silent for weeks as I push through the end of this difficult pregnancy. This little guy has tested me mentally and physically in so many unexpected ways. One thing I have learned is sometimes you aren’t meant to know what to expect. I’ve also learned I’m not always in charge and have to just go with the flow of life. We all learn these lessons at some point in life. Anyway, I’m excited to say today we will be bringing him into this world!
Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words through the past 9 months. It’s very much appreciated.
I’ll be back working in 6 weeks. My August schedule is already full, September is filling up quick. All open appointments are reflected on my website www.messagesbykareen.com
🙏🏼Here’s to a smooth delivery, and a healthy baby boy. 😇
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1 week ago

Hi Psychic Medium Kareen are you doing email readings while your on maternity leave ? ... See MoreSee Less

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My name is Kareen, I am a Psychic, Medium, and a Reiki Healer located in beautiful San Diego, California.

I am a natural healer, and a gifted Psychic Medium, meaning I was born with all my gifts, they were not taught to me. It wasn’t until the passing of my Aunt when I decided to pursue working as Medium. My gift includes the ability to feel (clairsentience), hear (clairaudience), see (clairvoyance) Spirits, and also the gift of knowing (claircognizance).

I have suffered loss in my life with the passing of my Grandfather, Aunt, Uncle, and Best Friend. With experiencing such tragic loss, I truly know what messages are needed during a reading to feel connected with those who have gone to heaven.

I have a passion for each gift I have. My passion with being a Medium and doing readings is I enjoy speaking to people who have passed away. I know, sounds strange, but in doing readings as a Medium I have gained so much knowledge about the Heaven, Spirit, Souls, God, and Love. I also gain so much happiness in connecting people with their loved ones who they thought were gone forever.

Recent Testimonials for Kareen:

Highly recommended!! Kareen is so amazing at what she does! She kept in touch with me to let me know she did not forget about my reading which I really appreciated since I was anxious to get it. She truly helped point out so much to help me move forward and give me hope for my future. She was accurate about everything in my reading and allowed me to ask questions at the end which was great. She is very real and down to earth which I loved about her. She spoke to me like a friend not just like I was another number on her list. Her kindness and truth are as pure as her heart! She truly is a blessing and gift


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