*TESTED for ACCURACY and ETHICS, Kimberly Thalken is an esteemed member of Shay Parker’s BEST AMERICAN PSYCHICS* Kimberly is a highly regarded Psychic, Medium and Energy Healer and the founder of Love First™.  Where Life Transformations Happen.

Hi and thank you for your interest in how I can help you. As a psychic medium I am able to read energy and channel information from my guidance that help me provide meaningful answers and helpful information to the questions that you have concerning all areas of your life.

One of my strengths as an empath is being able to discern what others are feeling based on where they are on their own path.

This can be very helpful in giving you a better understanding and a new perspective with relationship questions (any relationship – i.e. co-worker, family, romantic, friend). Whether it’s relationship centered or questions around your life’s purpose, why certain events are happening in your life, your spiritual path, career, finances, karma, or even past lives – I can help. COMFORT and GUIDANCE are my mantra.

My readings are supportive, encouraging, promising and uplifting – why? Because you have the power to create change – and the guidance that comes through will show you how.

My approach is consultative in nature and comes from a spiritual perspective. All information is channeled from my guidance who specialize in elevating consciousness in the individuals that work with me. Specific and structured guidance is given in order to work towards the desired outcome and to keep the individual focused and on track. The information and healing energy that are channeled in each reading is specific to you and will put you on a path to raising your vibration and being empowered.

My readings are no-nonsense yet compassionate, educational, thought provoking and truth seeking. The information is simple and provides a practical toolset to generate greater joy in our lives.

Medium Readings:

If you would like to connect with a loved one who has departed I will need a picture and first name prior to our session.

Energy Healings:
Energy healings are one of the best investments you can make in you. It’s a multi-purpose solution that will provide you with whatever it is you need at that point in time. Healings can help with pain, discomfort, stress, anxiety or starting a new chapter in your life. No matter what the challenge or endeavor might be healings provide a very loving yet motivating, encouraging and hopeful energy that inspires a “can do” approach and a state of well-being. Healings are a powerful and motivating tool for overcoming challenges and pursuing your goals successfully. Sessions have been described as an energetic massage that leave individuals feeling calm and peaceful. It serves as a gentle reminder that all is well which is especially needed during difficult times. Through my energy healing practice I have been able to help clients work through illness, bring joy into their lives, eliminate pain and stress, improve their overall state of well-being, and accomplish life goals.

Who are my clients?
My clients come from all walks of life and have included the likes of CEOs, celebrities, and heads of entertainment studios. “High profile” or not – it makes no difference to me. In the end we are all One – in need of love and pursuing happiness.

If you are seeking answers, needing clarity, desire inner peace and are receptive to being empowered by the information and healing energy that I can channel for you I am ready to help.

How can I help?

During my tenure as a Psychic Medium Energy Healer I have been privileged to support my clients through some of life’s greatest challenges like a medical diagnosis; to couples that are struggling in their relationship; to start-up companies needing guidance where I have drawn on my business background and psychic abilities. No matter where you are on your path spirit is here to help. Allow me to share their messages with you.

My goal with every client:

Is to provide you with information and healing energy that’s going to help you on your path and empower you to make healthy decisions that are in your best and highest good. I provide a safe, comfortable, non-judgemental, compassionate space for my clients to share their concerns and to be healed.

Integrity, confidentiality, a trusting relationship and helping you are important to me. For more information on my services and how I can help you please visit www.lovefirst.co or call me at (310) 503-0622. I look forward to working with you.

What my clients are saying below.

“I sought out Kim’s help with regard to several issues that were causing uncertainty and concern. With my life in great transition this year, I wanted to get affirmation that I was headed in the right direction with some rather large decisions that I was facing. Via a very professional and insightful intuitive reading, Kim was able to tell me things about past and future events that brought clarity and understanding to my issues. She helped me better understand a challenging relationship, why my career was suddenly in transition and the best course of action to take with a book that I recently wrote and want to publish. Through the process, Kim demonstrated a fantastic ability to translate past, present and future energies into meaningful concepts that helped me to understand the interrelation of events happening in my life. She basically helped me to see the “big picture” from an intuitive perspective and to feel more comfortable and at-ease in my transition. Warm, compassionate and obviously talented, I highly recommend Kim for intuitive readings and look forward to experiencing her Integrated Energy Therapy practice next!”

~ Mark Langford, CEO at CSynergy, Author
Los Angeles, CA

“When I went to Kim for my first Reiki session I was having pains in my left leg. Whenever I got up from sitting or getting out of bed, I had difficulties walking. The pain was such that I had to stand still for a few seconds until I was able to steady myself. At times the pain in my leg would occur even when I was walking. The pain persisted until I went to Kim for a healing/Reiki session. I had no idea what to expect. The session was very comfortable, relaxed and serene. Her ability to put my mind and body into a peaceful and restful place allowed me to receive the special spiritual healing I needed. I no longer have the pain in my leg when I stand up. My experience with Kim was positive, encouraging and enlightening and I’m grateful that the pain is gone.”

~ Henri A.
Los Angeles, CA

“Kim’s professionalism, gentleness, and compassion allowed me to completely relax and feel very at ease during my IET session. I felt very comfortable and Kim’s light, gentle touch made me feel safe and comforted. She is also highly intuitive, and her guidance was not only very accurate, but encouraging and uplifting. She has the ability to get to the heart of an issue, and her messages gave me a positive direction for the next step in my career. I highly recommend Kim, for she is such a gift to anyone who receives her warmth, kindness, and intuitive abilities. I am truly grateful for having experienced Kim’s beautiful energy and obvious passion for her work.
Thanks again Kim, my session was truly a blessing.”

~Jeannette Hill, Life Coach and Counselor
Encinitas, CA

“Kim brings an extraordinary balance of gentleness, compassion and good humor to her healing work and to all those she works with. She has a bright energy and is easy to relate to. A great deal of love flows through her, and through her work, and you can feel it. I came to Kim seeking confirmation, reassurance and insight about my path and spiritual purpose in this lifetime. A gifted medium and energetic healer, in her readings for me she not only provided the confirmation and reassurance I was looking for about my spiritual path, but was able to take it a step further and to lay out next steps on the journey, accurately identifying (as would later be proven by specific events in my life) how my inner callings would manifest in my career, my relationships and my travels, working inter-culturally with women around issues of culture and sustainability. Kim takes on a great sense of responsibility in her work, exercising clear ethics, and communicating as much with gentle sensitivity as with tactful truth and honesty when it is called for. She is a healer of great integrity. For those ready for and seeking reliable, insightful guidance and healing, you will not be disappointed!”

~ Jen Klewitz, Photographer, Writer, Educator
Perth, Australia

“I have received both Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy healings from Kim. Both have helped relieve anxiety and tremendous stress. Not knowing what to expect from Energy Healing work, I was pleasantly surprised and amazed with how unexpectedly relaxed I felt during and post every session with Kim. With every healing session, I consistently felt a deep sense of warmth, calming of my mind, and a shift in my levels of energy. What I appreciate about Kim’s work is you can definitely feel she comes from a place of love, honesty, and genuine healing intentions. She utilizes her intuitive awareness gifts to provide thorough energy healing and teaches her clients to find clarity and inner peace. Not only is she a gifted Energy Healer, but Kim is a respected Intuitive. Her readings have great purpose, are conducted in a professional manner, as she communicates all messages with clarity and understanding. If you are open to receiving healing and guidance through Intuitive and Energy Healing practices, Kim’s work is absolutely a true gift. I am grateful for this experience as it has been a true blessing for me.”

~ C.C., Senior Merchant, Fashion
Los Angeles, CA


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