"The truth of what you are, the Divine Self, or the Christ principle operating as you, is unchangeable. It is a fire that burns within your heart, and that fire, in its truth, will envelop you and transform all the matter that you encounter by your touching it in your perception."

-- The Book of Truth, A Channeled Text
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"There is an aspect of you here who has always been, who will always be, who is unafraid and doesn’t react or condemn or claim a life in fear. The small self does this in agreement to what she has known, who she has thought she was, or what he thinks the world should be. The Divine Truth of your being, who is unafraid, is who seeks to reclaim you, and as he does, as she does, you amass a frequency, a level of accord that will actually preclude you from taking actions in fear. As you announce this—“I am free, I am free, I am free,” which is the freedom of the known and all that the fear has claimed—you announce yourself in a new world, a world that doesn’t agree to fear because the vibration you hold will not align to it."

-- The Book of Freedom, A Channeled text
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Paul Selig is a psychic channel, an energetic healer, and mental medium.

He is also a best selling author (I am the Word) a playwright and a well known spiritual teacher.

His unusual style of reading and of channeling, has captured the attention of both the clairvoyant community….and those who are simply interested in spiritual development and crave an authentic and interesting voice in the sea of sameness where most spiritual teachers swim. (say what you want about Paul Selig……but “same old, same old” is NOT an accusation he’s going to hear very often..:-)

Paul travels the world giving channeled demonstrations from his “guides”…and evidential information that many spiritual seekers, and skeptics alike have found very powerful, very persuasive and very inspiring to absorb.

For more on Paul’s private readings, both by phone or through his West Village office, please use the contact info/direct links and forms provided to learn more


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  1. By ellen - July 27, 2013

    Paul Selig is a fascinating teacher with a very unique voice. He is also one of the most down to earth, real and accessible – you can find him doing local events that are affordable and available to all – an experience I would recommend for everyone curious about spiritual life!

  2. By shorely - April 7, 2016

    Paul Selig is awesome! I love his books and have found his channeled sessions to be life changing and incredibly inspiring. I’m not a fan of many “psychics” who appear syrupy sweet and seem to be making it up on the fly, but Paul is the real deal and my friends and I love the guides!

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