Do you know you’re here to do something incredible, but can’t pinpoint what it is?

A Soul Purpose Reading with Miriam helps you remember who you truly are and what you came here to accomplish. Learn the reason for relationships or circumstances that may be holding you back.

Do you have mysterious symptoms with no clear cause?

Energy Healing treats the energetic, emotional, spiritual, mental and physical bodies. Using remote viewing, Miriam pinpoints the cause of your issues and gently removes as many of your symptoms as you are ready to release.

Are you blocked in manifesting a relationship, job or home?

Many such blocks have roots in the spiritual, energetic or emotional bodies. Journey to the source of your block and release it in a Shamanic Coaching session.

Do you use separate practitioners for psychic readings, energy healing and life coaching?

Each addresses just one piece of the puzzle. Miriam is the powerful combination of an Intuitive Coach & Healer who gives you the insight and tools to move forward.


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