Marisa Ryan is a psychic medium who has recently been featured in the highly rated (and quite amazing and very highly recommended) documentary “The Life After Death Project”.

Her psychic and spiritual transformation was precipitated by the loss of several close family members within a very short time frame (several days) and facilitated a whole host of incredible insights and abilities that you have to read about to believe.  (including, in , in September 2002  –  a highly evidential experience as a psychic detective, where Marisa provided information to a local police department after being visited by the victim of a murder and given highly specific information about the crime)

Marisa sees herself as  different than most Mediums.

She has developed an interview process with the spirits to gain validation of who they are.  She can see the spirits clearly with her eyes as she asks them about their death, family, career, hobbies and life.  Once she has received enough validation, Marisa will ask them for messages.  She receives her psychic information about peoples past, present and future from Spirit Guides.  Each of us has one or more guides that know what our life path is and accompany us on our journey.

Check out a short video of Marisa Ryan offering messages from spirit right here.

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