Lisa Williams is an internationally well known psychic medium from the UK.

She is best known as an entertaining, inspiring and uplifting spiritual psychic whose messages of hope and healing have earned her tens of thousands of fans and followers from around the globe.

Her hit TV show on the Lifetime channel  – “Life Among the Dead” has made her an international “star”, and she remains one of the most well known, followed and controversial psychic mediums in the UK to this day.

To get a private reading with Lisa Williams, please visit her website here:

Her published rates are $800 per hour – with a $50 dollar premium for mediumship readings.

She also does group sessions – more information can be found on her website.

As always……if you’ve had a private reading with Lisa Williams, and want to leave a review or share your experience…..please do so in the review section below so that others can benefit before choosing a medium.



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