Lisa Larson is an animal communicator (with a specialty in animals in spirit) and a Reiki Master. She works full-time in this capacity & is known for her compassion, honesty, integrity & ethics.

Additionally, Lisa is a psychic/medium, personally certified by internationally known psychic/medium, Lisa Williams. Lisa Larson also works worldwide, via phone and webcam, in many additional capacities such as tarot intuitive coach, Huna practitioner, teacher and mentor.
With a lifetime of study and experience in the metaphysical sciences, she can connect you with your animals and loved ones in the afterlife to deliver messages of hope and comfort, as well as connecting with your animals in body, to correct behavioral problems, and help them understand current life situations.

• To help overcome behavioral problems
• To help with fear & abandonment issues
• To prepare your pets for being alone while you are away
• To prepare your pets when you are taking them on a trip or relocating
• To introduce them to new pets or a new baby in the household
• To find out what your pet needs/wants to be happier
• To help you and your pet become closer
• To assist in your pet’s grief process after losing a beloved companion
• To help an ill pet cross into spirit
• To help you talk to your beloved pet after they have crossed into spirit


• To help your pet reduce stress, tension & anxiety
• To help your pet manage chronic pain
• To help accelerate recovery from illness, surgery or injury
• To ease transitions (such as a move or introductions to new family members
• To assist the grief process after losing a beloved companion
• To create a sense of well-being


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