Support & Guidance on Your Spiritual Journey with Lauren Rainbow

  • Feeling like you need a little personal guidance in your development of Mediumship?
  • Wanting to be sure you are following the correct path for Spiritual Development?
  • Need to get your spiritual career in order, or wanting to move in that direction?

Lauren is now offering a 3-month mentoring program designed to help you on your Spiritual way. This program is designed to assist those who are developing mediums, or spiritual seekers looking for some direct assistance and guidance on their journey.

The program will include:

  • One 90-min meeting with Lauren (via Skype or Phone) to assess and discuss your needs and direction for your mentorship time. The focus of your mentorship program can be on mediumship or spiritual development, or a combination of both.
  • Five 45-min sessions in which you will reconnect with Lauren bi-weekly (via Skype or Phone) to talk about your progress, assess your development and get next steps.


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