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Spirit has instructed me to remind you that you are not losing your mind right now, but instead you are finding it. Symptoms you may be feeling are depression, anxiety, hopelessness, lethargy. You may find you have no energy or desire to keep up with the expectations of participating in all of the holiday hype or the many traditions that have evolved to cause more stress than to bring more joy. You may feel bored with your life or your partner. You may feel stagnant energy around you wanting to sleep more or wanting to be alone most of the time. You may find you have no more desires for consuming meats or animal products. I'm here to tell you that you are going through a metamorphosis and just like the butterfly 🦋 before he emerges into his beautiful self, you are in a cocoon like state struggling and forcing your way out of the old program of life. Your soul knows the true lay of the land and soon you will emerge stronger, wiser and mighty powerful ready to take on the world 🌎 As you allow your soul to lead, your vibration is rising higher. Don't worry. Let the process happen and know how loved you truly are 💕💕 #sacred energy #dissolveoldpatterns #becomelighter #newpatternsemerge #followyourinstincts #followyourheart ... See MoreSee Less

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If it's too hard to hang on, then let go. Everyone in your life has a role to play. Some are there to hold up a mirror and others are there as our connect the dots. Some are there to teach us valuable lessons and some are there for us to teach. Whether they are just passing through or are forever present, bless each relationship as stepping stones to enlightenment. As St. Theresa said, good or bad, forever present or passing through, "LOVE THEM ANYWAY" 💕💕 #forgive #letgo #areasonandseason #keyplayers #passingthrough #karma #loveisthelesson ... See MoreSee Less

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Kim Russo is well known psychic medium who is very active and particularly popular in New York City/Long Island and the general North Eastern states.

Kim’s popularity has skyrocketed over the last few years as she has been featured on TV fairly often, most notably on the BIO channel’s “The Haunting Of…..” series, where Kim meets with famous people who have strange tales to tell…..or ethereal experiences that need resolution, often after years of keeping them to themselves.

The show is well done – highly entertaining and showcases Kim’s natural psychic abilities, her movie star good looks and unique perspective on the paranormal experiences of others, including of course….other surprising famous faces.  (the episode with Chazz Palminteri was my personal favorite 🙂

What many people don’t know is that Kim Russo is a certified medium with the Forever Family Foundation (a non profit in NY that caters to afterlife research and helping grieving families cope with loss) as well as the Windbridge Institute for Applied Scientific Research in Arizona, a well known organization that studies the afterlife in a scientific setting.  (with some real scientists….and some super smart supporters in the scientific and spiritual scene to their credit)

Kim offers readings both in person, and by phone, and you can check out her availabilities, rates and protocols using the contact info below.

To make an appointment, either call Kim Russo’s booking office at 516-486-6158, or visit this link for more details.


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  1. By Jewerlygirl52 - November 18, 2015

    Myself and my husband love Kim’s spirit. I feel as though I’ve known her forever. I wish she would come to Albuquerque, NM.

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