JoLynne Valerie is an expert on Intuition, Angels, and the Supernatural. She is a one-woman Paranormal Investigator, and Intuitive Angel Whisperer.

JoLynne does not use tools or cards in her readings. Messages come straight from the Angels, God, and JoLynne’s Intuition. Ms. Valerie had her first supernatural experience at the age of 3, and has been seeing the future and communicating with spirit and Angels, ever since.

Readings with JoLynne are incredibly empowering, inspirational, and revealing. The Angels are interested in your highest good; they want to see you live your best life — prosperous, healthy, aligned, in tune, and on point with your purpose. JoLynne’s passion is to guide clients to their place of abundance, healing, and power.

In addition to her spiritual work, Ms.Valerie is an award-winning Paranormal Author.

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