John Holland is a well known psychic medium, author, radio show host, podcaster, performer, TV personality and one of the most charismatic spiritual teachers working in the world today.

John has been featured on several high profile TV programs over the past few years, showcasing his unique gift for communicating with spirit…..and bringing an engaging, entertaining, inspiring and evidential information through for clients from around the globe.

John Holland has appeared on many well known online media programs as well – including hosting a Hay House radio program, appearing on Afterlife TV with Bob Olson and his books “Born Knowing” and “The Spirit Whisperer” document his “divine” gifts…as well as his journey from someone struggling with spirit, to one who regularly brings through the gift of hope and healing for those who seek him out.

For readings with John Holland, please visit his website HERE and check current rates and availabilities.  (as of this writing, he apparently does not take private clients, but group sessions appear to be available – you can check both of the above directly here)

April 2017 INTUITION CRUISE! Gonna be great! All info on my website.

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Here is a short clip from the A and E channel that I really enjoyed…and if you’re curious but not yet convinced, is well worth checking out..:-)

If you’ve had a private reading with John Holland, or have attended one of his group sessions, feel free to leave a review detailing your experience below!

Not sure who is enjoying themselves more?!

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Is John Holland coming to your town any time soon? Check his website and social media links for updated events and opportunities to connect with him in person, on the radio or in a small group event near you.



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