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John Edward is arguably the most well known  psychic medium in the world today.  (certainly the most consistently visible medium in the US market over the last decade)

Ironically…….we now refer to John Edward as “the other famous medium from Long Island”  🙂

John’s personal story of inherited psychic abilities and unique experience on the path to becoming a professional medium (a meeting with renowned psychic Lydia Clar was the impetus for Edward’s trajectory to personal and ultimately professional transformation) is a fascinating one to say the least.

John Edward is well known on the Prime Time media circuit…..having been a guest on shows as diverse as Larry King and Anderson Cooper to Dr. Oz and the View, and just about everything in between.

His best selling books include “What if God Were the Sun”, “Afterlife: Answers from the Other Side”, “Fallen Masters” (a novel) and many others)

Of course what most people are interested to know about John Edward is how to get a reading….and what to expect.

The good news?

Contrary to what I’ve seen published elsewhere, John Edward DOES still do private readings.

He DOES also have a long waiting list, IS very expensive and DOES have a very selective process for picking private clients.

His website lists all of the fees for private and group readings HERE.….and he does have a membership site that you can join to increase your chances of getting access to him in a private (or semi private) setting, should you be one of the many who do.

(NOTE:  joining a membership site to get access to a “potential” reading DOES have an  overtly marketing sort of feel to it – and in fairness, we DO have readers and members of our psychic community who are turned off by this, so you are encouraged to make up your own mind as well)

John does do many small and larger group events as well, and you can read about those here.  (including his schedule for much of 2013 and 2014)

On a personal note?

I have been to several group readings with John Edward over the last few years, and I always find them fun, entertaining,  informative, inspirational and quite impressive as well……EVEN if you are a hard core skeptic like many of those I’ve attended with claim to be 🙂

(I have some great personal stories of bringing some of the MOST skeptical friends and family to see John live, and gauge their reactions thereafter.  Almost uniformly, they are very impressed by what he does live, and struggle to come up with CREDIBLE explanations of how accurate he often is, and that alone is a good reason to check him out, even if you are skeptical or cynical about mediumship)

If you’ve had a personal or private reading with John Edward, please share your experience in the reviews/community comments section below!



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  1. By sandra - August 24, 2014

    I’ve had several personal experiences with John Edward, all were really impressive to me, and none of the negative stereotypes I expected (and was warned about) presented themselves at all.

    John called on me in a group setting the first time, without having any way to know any info about my life, my loss, etc…and was 100% spot on with the stuff he spontaneously shared. (no one in the room had my name, none of my friends knew I was going with the exception of 1 person I invited 90 minutes before the group met)

    During the same session, he had at least 2 other couples in tears, and i think it’s pretty safe to say that everyone who was there walked about a believer.

    I’ve since had 2 follow up experiences with John Edward – similar to the above (although I wasn’t called on, he did connect with a very skeptical friend who was with our larger group) and while I’ve never been able to AFFORD a private reading with him, I’m certain he is not a fake, fraud or imposter.

    I’m not 100% sure I even believe in an afterlife – even now – (i grew up in a very stubbornly atheist family and i still find it hard to totally forget) – but I do know that the handful of experiences I’ve had with Edward have changed my perspective quite a bit…and probably made me a happier, more hopeful and optimistic person as a result. (especially after losing someone unexpectedly I thought would be around forever 🙁

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