Good Morning! Feeling compelled to connect with you & write something, not sure where it will go or end up but here it goes. Everyday is truly a blessing. A New beginning or a continuation to a life a Journey that each of us have been given to do what we can with it. Some have more obstacles than others in ways that can be seen, others have things that can't be seen but are not less important. I am finding in my 47 years of this Incredible ride that in life one of the Greatest gifts you can give one another is to be acknowledged, to be seen so to speak in this Great Big Universe that I am slowly discovering it to be smaller in different ways. Acknowledging people, Appreciating people, Validating & Accepting people are the lessons we are here to discover & hopefully Learn. I feel very BLESSED in so many ways, even in the Chaotic times that feel so confusing, when you thought things were so clear, so unsure, when you thought you were sure. You know "LIFE" Which for me stands for : "LIVING IT FULLY EVERYDAY" "LIFE" is wonderful but at times we need Encouragement, Faith, Strength & ultimately Understanding that what we go through is REAL, It exists & we aren't as nutty as we can feel at times. This is where my post comes to a close... I am Thankful for People like yourself & others I can mention but I won't because my Family wants me to hurry up LOL so Thanks for giving us a Place where we can connect & find BALANCE again. Thank you 😘❤️😉 ... See MoreSee Less

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Last night around midnight we received "the call "regarding an extended family member of my husband. I was wondering, in your years of practice and travels, have you learned any general wisdom, communication suggestions, or advice that you would be willing to give on how to navigate the first few hours through about the first week, at time of usual funeral services. ... See MoreSee Less

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Due to demand an additional Staten Island, New York event has been added!

Crossing Over With John Edward live in Staten Island, New York!

See John Edward live on tour in Staten Island, NY! This is your chance to be part of a live group audience to watch John Edward connect with the other side. There will be question and answer sessions and messages from the other side. Is someone waiting to talk to you?

Tickets are available exclusively through Etix:

Hilton Garden Inn Staten Island
1100 South Ave
Staten Island, NY 10314

VIP Doors open at 5:30pm
Doors open at 6:00pm
Event 7:00pm-9:00pm

This event is general admission, first come first serve seating! No audio, video or photography allowed. No alcohol allowed inside event.

There are two different ticket levels for this event.

Regular individual tickets include general admission to the event.

The VIP Evolve tickets are good for entry into the event which includes a priority line to enter first before the individual ticket holder line goes in.
A one year membership to Evolve (a $99 value)
A special 20 minute after event called "Just Five More" that is a conversation, question and answer session with John and the other VIP ticket holders.
The opportunity to meet and take a photo with John at the end of the event.
A welcome package with a John Edward book, special Evolve member items and more!
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John Edward - Staten Island, NY

February 15, 2018, 7:00pm - February 15, 2018, 8:00pm

Due to demand an additional Staten Island, New York event has been added! Crossing Over With John Edward live in Staten Island, New York! See John Edward live on tour in Staten Island, NY! This is ...

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Good morning friends!!! Happy Fantastic Friday!!! Happy almost weekend!! I hope the week has been amazing for each and every one of you and that the weekend is even better!! Its going to be a BEAUTIFUL weekend here and my wish is that it is a beautiful one for all-no matter the weather--we can all make it perfect in our own way!! Be safe and have an amazing one 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi John wondering if you can help me decide when I should take off work for the birth of my son?

Due date is 10-17, just wondering if he's coming early or late?
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John Edward Events and Appearances

John Edward is arguably the most well known  psychic medium in the world today. 
Until next time ???

— JOHN EDWARD (@psychicmediumje) August 28, 2016

John’s personal story of inherited psychic abilities and unique experience on the path to becoming a professional medium (a meeting with renowned psychic Lydia Clar was the impetus for Edward’s trajectory to personal and ultimately professional transformation) is a fascinating one to say the least.

On a personal note?

I have been to several group readings with John Edward over the last few years, and I always find them fun, entertaining,  informative, inspirational and quite impressive as well……EVEN if you are a hard core skeptic like many of those I’ve attended with claim to be 🙂

(I have some great personal stories of bringing some of the MOST skeptical friends and family to see John live, and gauge their reactions thereafter.  Almost uniformly, they are very impressed by what he does live, and struggle to come up with CREDIBLE explanations of how accurate he often is, and that alone is a good reason to check him out, even if you are skeptical or cynical about mediumship)

If you’ve had a personal or private reading with John Edward, please share your experience in the reviews/community comments section below!



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  1. By sandra - August 24, 2014

    I’ve had several personal experiences with John Edward, all were really impressive to me, and none of the negative stereotypes I expected (and was warned about) presented themselves at all.

    John called on me in a group setting the first time, without having any way to know any info about my life, my loss, etc…and was 100% spot on with the stuff he spontaneously shared. (no one in the room had my name, none of my friends knew I was going with the exception of 1 person I invited 90 minutes before the group met)

    During the same session, he had at least 2 other couples in tears, and i think it’s pretty safe to say that everyone who was there walked about a believer.

    I’ve since had 2 follow up experiences with John Edward – similar to the above (although I wasn’t called on, he did connect with a very skeptical friend who was with our larger group) and while I’ve never been able to AFFORD a private reading with him, I’m certain he is not a fake, fraud or imposter.

    I’m not 100% sure I even believe in an afterlife – even now – (i grew up in a very stubbornly atheist family and i still find it hard to totally forget) – but I do know that the handful of experiences I’ve had with Edward have changed my perspective quite a bit…and probably made me a happier, more hopeful and optimistic person as a result. (especially after losing someone unexpectedly I thought would be around forever 🙁

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