Hello Everyone,
My name is Jess and I am someone who is very naturally and highly intuitively connected. I have been this way since I came upon my abilities at the age of 7 and I will be turning 29 tomorrow.

In a nutshell I am a psychic (I foresee the future), a medium (I communicate with those who have passed on), I am a medical intuitive (I know what is wrong with people medically) and healer utilizing 13 different methods of healing. I am also a certified Reiki master teacher.

I tend to know a lot about people without knowing why. People have been coming to me for over 7 years now needing help with everything from closure, communication with a loved one passed, past lives, past life connections to their present life, shamanic animal messages, connecting to angels, faeries, goddesses, helping to heal their pets, read their pets (alive and passed) and more.

I live in the greater Boston area of Massachusetts where I have been my whole life. There is nothing like New England and I love being a Bostonian.

I am honored to have been personally invited to join this website. I am not actually on any others than my own and ebay. But I figured there was a reason why I was nominated to be a part of such a great community of readers and intuitives. I am truly grateful.

Who can I read? -Anyone from anywhere in the world. You can live 10,000+ miles away and I can read you or help you. I can read both the living and passed on -pets, people, plants, the earth and more.

How do I receive information? –Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Claircognizance (clear knowing), Clairsentience (clear feeling), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairalience (clear smelling), Empath Feeling (feeling the emotions, pains and medical issues of others) and more.

What do I offer? –Readings done via email: Individual Questions, Standard Readings that cover all the bases, Specialized Readings for Medical and Health, Goddess Guidance, Tarot, Past Lives, Channeling, Shamanism and Animal Spirit Readings, Distant Energy Healing, Distant Reiki and Distant Reiki Intensives, Psychic Development, Manifestation Sending, Remote Cleansing, online Reiki Certification Classes, a specialized magazine, health research and consulting and more.

If you need something specialized to you, I am more than happy to help you and accommodate you. I am also starting up in person Reiki Certifications, possibly readings in person and via Skype and I will also be starting up a Mentorship Program in July.

I am someone who has many skills, hobbies and things I love – one of them spirituality and intuition, another holistic health, research, crafting, art, photography, music and more. So you will notice my offerings can be eclectic at times.

I look forward to working with you.

Lots of Love & Light,


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