Janny Di is a psychic medium and card reader born and raised in New York.She came into her gifts as a child upon the unexpected death of her mother. Janny now works with 4 guides her mother “Marisa” or “Marie” being the main one.Her information and connection comes through her guides accurately and clearly.

A third generation intuitive, Janny accepts her gift as another facet of herself incorporating it into her everyday life.She trusts her feelings completely and is constantly receiving information. Janny’s close ties to Salem Massachusetts have allowed her to expand her studies and to become a Reverend under the Trinacrian Rose Church.
Janny is a light worker who utilizes the power of manifestation and positive affirmation. She believes in living your life “clean” a term she speaks about in her book which refers to being the best “you” that you can be everyday.”We are all divine beings with unlimited possibilities.We just need to believe it! Always pay forward and give whenever you can in any way you can!”
Artist and Author, Janny’s first book,”Their Whispers Tell A Story” was published in March ,2013.It continues to get solid reviews and is available on Amazon.com,Barnesandnobles.com and Authorhouse.com.Janny has also had success with sales of her paintings and is planning on publishing a deck of oracle cards featuring her original artwork.

Host of her own podcast”Mystical Caboodle” on blogtalkradio.com,Janny continues to explore all subjects concerning the supernatural.Janny has also launched another blogtalkradio show “Unveiling the Infinite”with colleague Psychic/Medium Jessica Costello.

Look for Janny Di on the following social media sites: Twitter and Facebook.Visit her website for information and updates. psychicjannydi.com. Visit my youtube channel PsychicJannyDi.


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  1. By JTCYoga - March 30, 2015

    My first reading with Janny was in November 2013. It literally changed my life. Her talents and intuition led me to healing energy work that completely transformed me. I have sent a number of people to see her over the years. Everyone reports back with rave reviews. I even took my youngest brother to see her. He had never had a reading done and was somewhat nervous/hesitant. He left in awe. He said he couldn’t believe how spot on everything aka my said was. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is talented beyond words.

  2. By Marybeth - December 24, 2015

    I had my first reading with Janni Di four years ago in Salem Massachusetts at a Psychic Fair during Halloween. She was amazing. She knew things no one knew but me. Since then I have had a few more readings from her. Also very accurate in everything she told me and very helpful. Janni is an amazing person and very gifted and always her helps clients. I am so thankful I met Janni Di in Salem, Ma. the Witch City where I live. I wish she lived closer ?

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