Janet Russell has been featured on A&E Paranormal State, Haunted NY, Psychic to the Stars, Janet has been featured as one of the Worlds Top Ten Spiritual Mediums, Sought after for her on target predictions, and her insight and connections with the loved ones on the other side.

Janet has worked with the police on the Katie Beers case, she was the only Psychic that knew Katie was chained by the neck. And Pinpointed the location to a private investigator on the Katie Beers case. Janet has been sought after for many TV and Radio as well as Movies, Janet was the spiritual medium that was asked to be a part of a movie with such stars as Eric Roberts, and Kathy Moriarity as well as Sean Young. A Cry From Within written by Deb Twiss a true story, Janet was aware when she went to the location that there were two spirits in the house that was featured, So much so that one of the Spirits actually showed herself on the film. Janet has her own local cable access shows four of them at presents.

Janet enjoys doing many fundraisers as she feels if a person has a gift she needs to help others, Janet brings closure to many when she connects with the loved ones on the other side, Her newest prediction was when she met Michael Buble and his wife, she had predicted that they would be pregnant very soon, within two months of her prediction it was noted in the Daily News that Michael and Lu his wife were having a baby. Janet is amazed still at the messages that she get and her amazing predictions.

Janet also predicted sadly the Flight 800 as well as the 9/11 tragedy. Janet is available for home parties as well as phone sessions and TV and Radio Appearances. Contact Janet via email rosebudsjanet@msn.com or leave message at 631 654 3353 She will return the call or email


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