Julia Finucane has been interested in the Fantasy world since she was a young child. Her first memories are of her sitting on her fathers lap, while he read books of Fairy Tales and Irish folklore. She believed in these whimsical storybook characters and hoped that the magic of them could come true, and soon found out that fantasy & magic does exist as long as you believe in it.

As a fantasy artist, Julia was drawn to the beautiful images that were found in the cards. Each card and deck is different and you never know what will appear. Asking for guidance during every reading, she will always have a candle lit and a crystal or two next to her. Believing in the power of intuition, spirit, and the energy that is in all of us, Julia encourages everyone to be open to their own intuition. She views every reading as a conversation among the client, spirit (God, passed loved ones, spirit guides, angels, and spirit self), and herself.


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