Jana Hollingsworth is a gifted Power Coach, Author, and award-winning Fitness Competitor. She blends her intuitive abilities and real-world practical advice to create a powerful session for her clients. Her innovative approach helps bring clarity to someone’s current situation while empowering them to move forward quickly to reach their next level of growth on a spiritual, professional, and personal level.

Using her unique skills, Jana works with her clients to deepen their learning, move them into action, and provide greater focus and awareness so they can attain their goals and make positive changes. By helping people to shift negative thought patterns and behaviors, they can gain positive results and enhance the quality of their lives.

Jana’s down to earth and honest approach to the world of psychic phenomena will immediately put you at ease. She delivers her information in a gentle yet thought provoking manner which motivates people to take action and move forward with their lives by tapping into their own intuitive strength, wisdom, and power.

In keeping with her philosophy of empowering people by making them more aware of their own power, Jana has released the new ground-breaking book “Perfectly Fit Intuition.”


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