Are you ready to experience Cosmosis TM, a revolutionary tool for lasting personal and spiritual growth that assists you to let go of what’s not serving you and embody more love, self esteem, confidence, self assurance, compassion and wisdom? Cosmosis enables you to be who you truly are and to consciously create your life with a singing heart.

By phone or Skype, you will experience a healing journey. Each of our calls is unique and unfolds based upon what Spirit feels is right and perfect to assist you to embody your highest potential and to create more harmony and joy in your life. The names of the Beings that I work with is not important as experiencing their energy signature and co-creating with them to move forward in your life.

In person, you may choose to experience a Spiritual Insight Reading with Chakra Balancing or a Crystal Healing-Chakra Balancing Session. Both services are provided in a specially designed Crystal Healing ‘Chamber’ complete with a Crystal Generator.

Whether you feel stuck in a rut; have health, money, business or relationship challenges; feel dissatisfied with certain aspects of your life; need advise on a project or goal; or simply feel like you could use a ‘spiritual tuneup’, a Spiritual Insight Reading can open doors to a whole new way of being. Spiritual Insight Readings are only done in person as the Energies require your presence to ensure maximum clarity, healing, sacredness and personal transformation.

Crystal Healing can help you sleep better, feel happy and peaceful, with your romantic life, with your children, feel vibrant and balanced, manifest goals and create abundance in your life, improve your intuition so that you begin to ‘know’ what to do, with pain, injury, illness, disease or trauma, restore your body to optimum health following surgery, medical treatments or procedures, and release attitudes and habits not serving you.

All services are as powerful, profound and healing as you are open to receiving and applying the guidance and love that is shared. The Energies are ready to work deeply with you on many levels and to recalibrate your alignment and attunement to truth, unconditional love, compassion, gratitude and wholeness.

Credentials and testimonials can be found on my website.

In love and wholeness, Arlene

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