First, I would like to say thank you to everyone that voted me into the “your choice” category.

If we’re being totally honest, I’d like to mention that I actually got no votes, but as one of the admin’s of this community, I did add myself after one bottle of wine too many, which feels like cheating, yet…..surprisingly, as someone who hasn’t really won anything much of note on my first 4 + decades on this planet, it feels pretty exhilarating as well.

So if you are looking for a psychic reading, I’ll do my best – but the last time I tried to predict the future I lost my former fiancee’s engagement ring betting on the Philadelphia Eagles to win the super bowl. And we all know how that ended.

(Spoiler alert for you non football fans. Don’t google it. They lost. Bigly. Which means by a lot, in Trump speak. Which is a lot like English, only more confusing and with an apocoplyptic edge.)

Anyway, she left me soon thereafter. So caveat emptor. I’m not even entirely sure what that means – other than it sounds like latin for your best bet is to pick a different person. Of which, thankfully, there are many far more serious than I to choose from 😉

Hey Everyone! This is a test listing for example purposes. I am not famous, and I am not a psychic medium, but I am the content manager for this community! (so if you are one of our members….mazel tov, you are in the right place! If you are someone in the public looking for a psychic reading, you made a wrong turn. Keep searching! We’ve got 300 + members who do!

This is what your listing will look like – only much, much better. Please watch the video above for a description of *some* of the new featured listing items/benefits & packages

I am an author, artist and entrepreneur.

My 2 passions are writing about, and teaching Marketing and Meditation.

I like to think I’m a lot like Eckhart Tolle, if only he was taller, and a much better tennis player. (it turns out in person, he’s super short, has a terrible backhand and wears this weird scottish hat thingy that makes it really difficult to concentrate while serving)

Plus he refuses to keep score and says ” it’s always NOW” when you ask who is up. Enough about me. We barely know each other. Stop staring. You’re making me nervous.


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