Notes from Us:  If you live in the USA like me, Gordon Smith may  be the most famous psychic medium you’ve NEVER heard of.  While he’s well known for his uncanny and unusual talents in the UK, he remains somewhat of a mystery to fans and followers of psychic and spiritual experiences here in the United States (where most of OUR readership lives)….and this is a pretty big shame.


Because as someone who writes about psychics professionally myself, I can tell you he may be the MOST accurate spiritual medium i’ve had the privilege of watching.  The information that comes through in Gordon’s readings is the exact OPPOSITE of what most skeptics, cynics and debunkers will tell you that “mediums do” while cold reading during a private session or when doing a group demonstration.

Specific names….specific streets, specific stories, and specific FACTS are what Gordon Smith does unlike just about anyone else that I’ve witnessed firsthand…and I’ve seen my fair share of amazingly gifted folks in my day.

Another very interesting fact about Gordon Smith is that he doesn’t charge for private readings.  In a Universe where some of the best mediums are known to charge unsually high rates for mediocre and very general information…..(something we’ve certainly seen a fair amount of as well) in keeping with some of the foundational precepts of the Spiritualist Church, Smith’s private readings have historically been free.

(NOTE:  he does do live events around the world that are fee based, and his books and psychic development courses are clearly fee based as well.  Per his website in July of 2014, it appears as if Gordon is not booking new private sessions until further notice)

We’ve recently read a few of Gordon’s books – including “Through My Eyes”, which can be purchased on Amazon for 99 cents.

Documentaries have been made about him…and Gordon has been on many UK and international TV programs featuring his incredible psychic skills.  (I even recently heard a very well known “skeptic”, say that he could NOT explain how Gordon does what he does….probably the biggest compliment a skeptic and debunker can offer! 🙂

For more on Gordon, taking from his website, check out the short bio below.

For a taste of one of several video documentaries made about Gordon’s life… the video below:

Finally, to learn more about his upcoming appearances and events, you can follow him on Twitter, or visit his website to find out how you can see this amazing and entertaining spiritual intuitive at work.

And of course, if you’ve had an experience or a reading with Gordon Smith, regardless of how MUCH (or little) you enjoyed it….please share your review with our community so that we can share in the experience!

Gordon Smith has often been described as “Britain’s most accurate medium” Gordon has been featured in numerous television documentaries including the BBC’s Everyman, “Mediums: Talking With the Dead” 3 part series as well as appearing as an expert guest on various shows such as This Morning, Richard and Judy and the BBC’s Heaven and Earth. Gordon has also presented one of the nation’s favourite paranormal shows, Living TV’s ‘Most Haunted’, as well as his own series on the Biography Channel. He even managed to find the time to squeeze in a cameo in a Jacki Collins movie, Paris Connections!


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