Thank you to everyone who joined me yesterday at the Studio Theatre in Lindenhurst. While I was signing books afterwards, someone cleared up something that was frustrating me with the first session. Veronica was the man’s dog who had passed (which is why others were speaking on her behalf and she couldn’t tell me how they were related!). Again, another example of a message understood by the subject of a discernment even if I don’t. A reminder the Souls always come to us assuming we know what they are talking about - and I, as the messenger - don’t need to understand it personally - as long as you are able to receive the intended message. #lindenhurst #medium ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you so much for today George...great show In Lindenhurst. ... See MoreSee Less

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GREat show today George...thank you so much. ... See MoreSee Less

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It was great seeing you perform tonight in Lindenhurst George. I hope to see you again soon!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Do you ever come to British Columbia? ... See MoreSee Less

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George Anderson is one of the most fascinating psychic mediums, authors and spiritual teachers in the world today.

Not only are his readings remarkable in their own right……and his books (often transcriptions of those readings) are incredible, insightful and inspirational to read, he is ALSO simultaneously one of the most press shy psychic mediums you will come across as well.

While it’s not uncommon to see an old clip of George Anderson doing a reading on Youtube…..or via any one of the scientific tests he’s subjected himself to (including being part of the “Afterlife Experiments” documentary done by HBO) for a medium as genuinly GIFTED as he is, it’s incredible how little media he does, or coverage he gets as a result.

George Andersons books “Walking in the Garden of Souls”, “Lessons from the Light” and “Ask George Anderson” have been New York Times bestsellers….and his readings on several high profile mainstream psychic investigation programs have been eye opening and astonishingly accurate and illuminating for both skeptics and true believers alike.

He uses an automatic writing style technique that is very unique – and quite interesting to see up close.  (as he seems to scribble on a pad as he speaks)

George does very few interviews anymore – and the chances of seeing him on a reality TV show are pretty darn small as well..;-)

The good news?

You can get a private appointment with George Anderson via both telephone and (as of this writing) in person, through his NY office.

The bad news?

George Anderson also happens to be one of the most expensive mediums on our directory as well – with rates starting at $1200 for single person readings.

(although if you can afford it, and are truly seeking an extraordinary evidentiary experience with a world class medium who has the pedigree to back up his price , he’s definitely on the short list of who I’d want to see – with over 35000 readings to his credit, he’s also put in many decades of work to justify being selective about his services now.)

To contact George Anderson to schedule an appointment or learn more about rates and availabilities, please call  516 568 1052, or simply use the contact and social media links below.



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  1. By Martha DiPrima - February 19, 2017

    Saw George a few years ago and he was right on. The best I’ve heard. He answered my question before I asked it.

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