Felix Lee Lerma is a young, up and coming San Francisco based psychic medium who has legions of loyal fans that attest to his sincerity, accuracy and insight as a professional reader.

Felix has been featured in a wide assortment of media – ranging from large newspaper feature stories, to TV and radio and has been generally high marks by most who have examined both his readings…and his approach to spiritual work overall.

With thousands of readings under his belt – Felix Lee Lerma has done high profile appearances on both the East and West Coasts of the US, including working in the famed Lily Dale Spiritual Community in New York during the summer season.

Readings are done both in person, and by telephone….and Felix uses psychometry, or the reading of energy from a sacred or special object belonging to the person getting read…… to help guide him during in person sessions.

Appointments can be made to speak to Felix Lee Lerma by calling 415-563-8677 or by the website links attached.


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