I am a natural born clairvoyant/clairaudient/remote viewer and radio show guest. My doctorate is in Metaphysics

Sessions are available via phone, e-mail, or Skype.

Do you find yourself constantly meeting love partners who leave you feeling empty?

Do you find yourself feeling unfulfilled in a career or job?

Do you have issues with your marriage, family or friends?

Would you like to be more successful in your business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I will help you to empower yourself to achieve happiness, peace and joy.

I will also teach you how to resolve your issues with unique techniques that work. This is my primary purpose: to help YOU, not just answering your questions.

All these troubling questions can be answered so that you can move forward and live the kind of life you really want; a life that is fulfilling and enriching. Invite me into your life today and receive the spiritual guidance that awaits you.

I am only a phone call away.


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  1. By Michele Bausher - November 21, 2015

    I cannot begin to tell people what an integral part of my life Rachel has been over the 30 plus years I have known her. We are high school friends and she is always professional, ethical and spot on when doing readings for me. I value her advice and ability to find a solution to problems I cannot solve on my own. Rachel is a treasure as a friend and trusted advisor.

  2. By Dascallie - December 11, 2015

    I’ve been having sessions with Rachel for close to a year and she has continued to astonish me with her standout and off the scale, proven psychic ability. Rachel will capture details, names, dates, places…so be prepared to be blown away as you see these details unfold in your life.
    She has foreseen specific people and events in both my personal and professional life. I can always be confident when Rachel tells me something, a majority of what she sees will come to pass if not exactly as she outlined, very, very close.
    She will also zoom into your current situation, peel back the layers to give you real, sometimes not so easy to hear, insight on what is happening right NOW.
    Quite simply, she is one of the most accurate and successful psychics at predicting future aspects that I have ever experienced! Do yourself a favor and book some time with this fantastic lady!

    1. Author Response

      Dear Dascallie,

      Thank you so very much for the glowing comments on your experience with myself and my guides.

      We strive to provide the best and most accurate information in a non judgmental manner; with the goal of helping you empower yourself.

      Dr. Rachel S. Kohler

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