Your reality is not a circumstance of fate, it is your creation by choice.
-Denise Lescano
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Your future doesn't just happen to you.. you are creating it, it is the conscious reflection and result of your thoughts and beliefs.
Denise Lescano
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Denise Lescano is a psychic spirit medium, teacher and author from Bonita Springs, Florida with a seemingly endless stream of professional certifications and accomplishments.  (both within the traditional “spiritual” niche….as well as a few outside as well)

Her video channel on Youtube is quite popular with several of our regular readers….(check out one of her demonstration/teaching videos below) and her website is describes her own psychic experiences in a lot of detail….as well as her own thoughts and feelings about the spiritual “industry” overall, which we agree with, and appreciate)

Denise self describes her areas of expertise to include Spirit Medium, Psychic, Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer-Certified Reiki Master trained in traditional Usui Shiko Ryocho Reiki.

Denise has also written a book “The Messenger” which is available on her site, and her work as a spiritual medium has also been featured in “Visits from Heaven” by Josie Varga, along with other well known scientists, mediums and spiritual explorers.

To learn more about Denise Lescano and to check her programs and availabilities, visit her website here.

If you’ve had a psychic reading or personal experience with Denise’s spiritual offerings, please share in the community comments below!

(plus we give Denise a few extra points for having lived in Key West……our hometown and one of the most beautiful, blissful and spiritual spaces you’ll find in the world..;-)


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