“A powerful voice for the Still Small Voice within.” Love & Relationships, Career & Life Path, Health & Medical. Intuitive Readings = clarity, focus & peace of mind. Personalized Intuitive Reading, Assessment and Life Coaching Healing Session.

Yes, it is time for you to feel cherished and supported in life.

Deidre assists you through accurate wisdom and compassionate Intuitive Readings for restorative heart-healing.

She is a Certified Parapsychological Specialist (4th Generation), Certified Angel Whisperer & Ordained Interfaith Minister.

What is Your Question? Love, Romance & Relationships ~ Career & Life Path ~ Health & Medical (getting to dis-ease before it gets physical) ~ Clearing Negative (Vampire) Energy ~ Past Life Regression ~ Past, Present, Future & Parallel Lives ~ Afterlife Messages from Loved Ones & Pets ~ Lineage Healing (Red Thread) ~ Psychometry (Touch-Know) ~ and Missing Children. Regain a sense of peace of mind and clarity today.


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