Intuitive and gifted spirit messenger experienced for many years in relationship issues, revealing soul mates, past lives, dream interpretation, career development and personal growth.

Demonstrating uncanny perception and vivid insights while growing up in the South Bronx, Dana Marie’s natural abilities blossomed into direct contact with ethereal beings. She learned at an early age to coexist between physical planes and astral dimensions. An insatiable appetite for knowledge launched her adulthood journey into metaphysics, amplifying sensitivity to vibrations, frequencies and energies.

For two decades, Dana’s understanding of universal laws became her objective to assist clients worldwide. She first studied intuitive tarot by way of esoteric symbols, colors and definitions. Utilizing birth numbers and communicating with Spirit were later integrated to enhance connectivity.

As trusted counselor with precise vision, Dana analyzes karmic patterns and soul reasons behind past influences, present situations, and future probabilities.

Detailed guidance is essential to create and sustain positive outcomes according to best interests and highest good. Devoted attention to matters of the heart effectively transforms constraining obstacles into boundless opportunities, renewed optimism and unlimited potential.

Although predictions are never etched in stone because of freewill choices, she provides necessary tools to help you choose paths for increasing awareness and revealing the unexpected.


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