Looking for a great psychic medium in the state of Florida? Good news! You have lots of choices ūüôā (see a list of our OWN favorite Florida psychics and mediums here) BUT – if you are looking for a great medium…and a great spiritual experience, checking out the uber cool town of Cassadaga is the ethereal adventure you really OUGHT to take!

Cassadaga is very similar in many ways to the much more well known psychic community of Lily Dale (in the not so sunny state of NY), where almost all of the residents are practicing Spiritualists, and offer readings, and insight and intuitive advice that spans this side, and the next.

Cassadaga is a non profit organization, and they have lots of cool, creative, informative and inspiring events throughout the seasons that will not only showcase some of their very colorful community characters…..but will also help you develop your own psychic abilities as well. Well worth while to visit if you’d like to learn more about the spiritual world from folks who really do LIVE the life they teach and preach ūüôā

Check out the recent news article on Cassadaga at the link following the short excerpt below – we have a trip planned with a few of our fans and followers in 2015, and we’re looking forward to reporting back on the experience as well! Enjoy ūüôā

Welcome to the Florida town that has been dubbed the ‘psychic capital of the world’ where the majority of residents are mediums or spiritual healers.

Founded in 1975 by George Colby, a spiritualist from New York, Cassadaga was initially intended as a retreat for his followers, but has since become home to around 100 people who believe they can contact the dead via seances and readings.

Based on a mixture of Christianity, philosophy and science, followers of Spiritualism in Cassadaga spend up to ten years honing their ‘sixth sense’ which allows them to speak to spirits and carry out healing ceremonies at the local church.


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