I am a psychic medium, a doorway between this world and those who have crossed over.
I connect with your loved ones (including pets) so you may feel their love, hear special messages they may have just for you, and be assured of their ongoing support and presence in your life.

My skills as a medium have been certified through rigorous testing by the Forever Family Foundation. You can read their letter about me here to learn why I’m so proud of this.

For almost everyone, the experience of connecting is affirming, healing, and comforting. A feeling of peace and warmth comes as your loved ones let you know in their own personal way that their unique spirits live on in safety and love.

Why are readings with me so powerful? It comes in the moment you know, without a doubt, that the energy I have connected with really is your loved one. Your loved ones give me specific information that will be personal and meaningful to you, and that I could not have known or guessed on my own. Their personality and style will come through in the reading in the same way it did in this world – Dad’s wit and playfulness, Grandma’s tough love, Sister’s loving warmth, Mother’s way of “telling it like it is.” They will come for you, and I am just the vessel of communication.

As for me, I am grateful for this gift that touches hearts and brings new understandings. It is a privilege to bring the positive messages and energy of the other side into our lives on this side.


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