My readings are all about you. Throughout, images flow to me freely, regarding your current and past relationships. I analyze dreams, and relationship issues using “Love Cards” and “Destiny Cards”. And you ask; what are they really thinking? Tarot cards are random, therefore I don’t use them in my readings. Call now for honest, truthful information about your love questions.

We can discover your path regarding the future, and explore nagging energies from your past. Since I have the ability to see images and symbols, we will explore the future together. Images don’t lie! <break)

I am able to hear what he/she is thinking at this moment. Relationship issues are my forte’ and expertise.

The ability of Clairaudience allow many subtle messages to come through. Nonetheless, since I am also an artist and a Clairvoyant, my track record is of amazing accuracy and I love to help others

The deceased are also trying to come forth to you through my visions, regarding aspects of your life. I look forward to speaking and listening to you:)

Overall Services Focused On:

1. Using Robert Camps “Love Cards” to see you planetary matches with a loved one. This is based on your birthday, not Tarot.
2. Robert Camp “Destiny Cards” to see your life map and what you can do to prevent negative card influences and maximize the good cards.(Based on your birthday)
3. Clear Clairvoyant images of what is going on with your life, work, relationships.
4. Helping you understand what your best path is to get the most out of relationships and get what you want

I look forward to speaking and listening to you:)

Additional Information:

1. College Graduate 2 Majors
2. Certified Life Coach
3. On retainer for a Multi Millionaire executive guiding him in business
4. Radio Show Voice America. Listeners call in for Live Readings

Adrienne accepts credit cards and Paypal. Hour and half hour readings available.


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