You Can Become a Psychic Medium in 21 Days (I'll Teach You How to Feel the Future.....And Communicate with Spirit, Too)

Hey all – my name is Michael Martin, and i’m the best selling author of 2 books on speaking to spirit, feeling the future and learning how to cultivate spiritual “superpowers” with easy, ethical and practical exercises for empaths, healers, light workers and spiritual seekers of all ages.  (you can see my most recent book on Amazon, here – and read what people have to say about my methods, and my work)

If you’re interested in learning powerful, practical and life transforming practices specifically created for empaths, healers, light workers and spiritual seekers who want to cultivate CALM, confidence, purpose, presence and PEACE, reach out and get in touch.  The techniques I teach are for serious seekers who are also “Feelers” or those of us who live life primarily through our hearts, rather than our heads.  By tapping into the deep wisdom and innate intuition that “Feeling” your way through life (rather than “thinking” your way into anxiety and depression) we learn how to not only open a wide window into the invisible world around us all…..but we also learn to live with more beauty, bliss, equanimity and ease.

My next book is scheduled to be released in late July, 2021, and is the culmination of some of the most extraordinary experiences with spirit communication (and empowering ordinary people to have extraordinary experiences with psychic development, and spirit, that I’ve seen in several decades of doing this work)

I’ve spent much of the last 5 years working on advanced mindfulness, and meditation techniques for cultivating techniques to teach CALM, confidence, compassion and connection to the magic that  lies beyond this world…., as well as teaching others, practical exercises for glimpsing the magical, mysterious, wild and wonderful world that sits just beyond the window….and ultimately, awaits us all.

I’m offering a few beta readers, fans, followers and subscribers a chance to test my methods for your own spiritual growth and transformation.  Unlike most “teachers”, I offer simple, practical and easy to understand exercises that will completely transform your view of the world….and your place within it.

I have several coaching spots available in May of 2021.  If you’re interested in working with me, or learning more, I encourage you to use the contact form and get in touch.  If you’ve purchased one of my books in the past, I’m also happy to offer significant discounts on my work as a medium, teacher and conduit in your search for your own authentic truth.

Much love – may you be happy, healthy and strong in your search.



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