Spiritual Life Coaching By Email (30 Day Program for Empaths, Spiritual Seekers and the Curious but not Yet Convinced)

I will work with you by email for 30 days to help you overcome life challenges that are holding you back from living a life you love.

My name is Michael Martin and I’m a best selling author in the spiritual growth, psychic mediumships and life purpose markets.  (you can some of my Amazon book reviews, here)

I’m starting a new chapter in my own spiritual counseling practice to include affordable, email based life coaching for spiritually sensitive people who would like to enhance their own spiritual gifts in a safe space of growth, healing and discovery.   (in the past, my work was only available in person, or by phone, for mediumistic style readings and I’m excited to be able to reach more people with an email based program that I’m confident, will transform your life)

Get in touch to learn more – happy to connect with anyone who is interested in a unique approach to cultivating more calm, confidence, purpose, presence and peace in your life.