How to Avoid Getting Hurt as an Empath

If you’re an empath, spiritual seekers, healer or light worker, you’re probably no stranger to pain.  Pain, as one of my favorite empaths & psychic mediums says – “is all too often our middle name”

If you’re struggling with hurts from relationships, the news, or the world overall, as a spiritually sensitive person, you have far more options than you realize.  The first is, to realize that true empaths are ACTIVISTS.  (not victims)  The best empaths practice a very specific type of compassion  (called “Metta”, which means loving kindness)  It’s a highly engaged, pro social and completely transformational practice where healing, both for yourself, and the world….is it’s object.

I will teach you this practice privately, and customize the practice (and the affirmations) in the service of your personal growth and development as an empath, healer, light worker or spiritual seeker.  Contact me for details.