Empath Ampflied: Everything You Need to Survive and Thrive as an Intuitive Empath (even if you’re just disocvering you’ve got the gift)

Access our growing library of resources for empaths, healers, lightworkers, introverts, HSP’s and spiritually sensitive seekers at any age.

Many of the professional psychics and mediums in our community (including several of the most famous and well known “celebrity” mediums and authors who we feature) first discovered their “spiritual” gifts by way of FIRST honing their natural empathic gifts. If you feel the world more deeply than most, if you feel the emotions and energies of other people in ways that feel both exciting and overwhelming……you are not alone. The resources from our library (below) are carefully curated to help you make profound progress on your own spiritual journey.


The empathic personality quiz

A pretty complete list of 21 + qualities, experiences and personality traits that just about all empaths experience at least once. Start your reading here….and if you find yourself shaking your head in agreement at what you read…..come back to this page and continue exploring to find more ways to deepen your gift, below.


A simple worksheet for new empaths

Some easy questions, answers and worksheet content you can use to deepen your understanding of your unique personality type. (hint….true empaths represent less than 3% of the population; But our impact on the world is far larger than our numbers would suggest. Why? Because many empaths are activists, authors and inspirational entrepreneurs animated by a deep desire to help, heal, serve and a genuine wish to “save the world” from much of what we see, feel and pick up in the energy around us.


A 4 week career workshop for empaths, light workers, healers and spiritually gifted seekers

There has never been a better time to put your gifts to work in the world. If you’re serious about turning your passion for spiritual growth, healing, and societal transformation in the service of helping others, join our 30 day course cohort to learn how. If you’ve always wanted to start a career as an intuitive empath, heroic healer, or inspirational entrepreneur, join our next 30 day private cohort (next one starts on May 18th, 2022) and begin a new adventure as you seek out and discover your authentic life purpose.


Psychic Development Master Class for Empaths

For those of you who’d love to further develop, refine and cultivate your psychic abilities, apply to join our new Summer 2022 private psychic mediumship course cohort where you’ll learn from gifted intuitive coaches, meditation trainers, ethereal explorers, and best selling authors on psychic development and spiritual mediumship. If you feel called to learn more about your own natural psychic and spiritual gifts, and would love to explore some of the most incredible after life evidence and have personally transformative experiences that you can use to help others…..we’d love to invite you to apply for our Summer 2022 cohort. (starts in June) We’ll be teaching, leading and guiding a new generation of empaths, healers and light workers to make a meaningful difference in the world, through the cultivation of deep states of expanded awareness. Email us below for pricing and details.

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